Clarification: Re: can samba make visible Internet w95 box and local LAN win95 boxes ?

Jan Vicherek honza at
Sat Jan 24 22:59:13 GMT 1998

 Let me rephrase it altogether:

 I have LAN with Linux doing IP_Masquerading for the Lan. The LAN has also
an NT and a bunch of win95 boxes. 

 Now someone with a win95 in another city wants to "connect to the LAN" --
I.e. it wants to see / cooperate with the NT & win95 boxes on the LAN. So
it dials up to the Internet in that city. The linux box (with IP_Masquerading )
also dials up to a local ISP.

 I understand that with appropriate setup, the remote-city win95 could be
made to see the Linux box's samba services over the Internet.

 But can the remote-city win95 box "see" and cooperate (file / printer
sharing) with the NT & win95 boxes on the LAN ?



On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Jan Vicherek wrote:

>  I have LAN with Linux dialup to Internet. Now if a win95 machine dials up
> to Internet, can samba make the LAN win95 machines see the Internet win95
> machine and vice versa ?
>  by "making visible" I mean "allowing sharing of resources/services" .
>     Any pointers ?

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