Encrypted passwords with UID 0 account (but not root)

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de
Fri Jan 23 18:05:47 GMT 1998

Hi there,

>for testing encrypted passwords with NT4/SP3 I installed the smbpasswd
>file as described in ENCRYPTION.txt, then did "smbpasswd <username>" on
>some accounts and enabled encrytion support in smb.conf. This works fine
>for normal user accounts, but not for my account, which is "dahlem" with
>UID 0 [...]

Ok, so much can one man be fooled. :-)

The problem was my password being 9 characters long. smbpasswd uses the
default unix routine for reading a password which truncates after 8
chars (at least under SINIX V5.43 on Siemens Nixdorf RM x00) und so only
the encrypted password with 8 characters was stored in
private/smbpasswd. After defining REPLACE_GETPASS and letting smbpasswd
make a new guess all went fine.

I suggest defining REPLACE_GETPASS as default ...

>BTW: what are the UIDs in the smbpasswd file good for? Samba should
>always check for the account name, shouldn't it?

This one still open ...

Hasta la vista,

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