Compilation problems - lshadow : no such file or dir..

Marcin Owsiany porridge at
Fri Jan 23 15:25:13 GMT 1998

I want to install Samba on a Debian (i486), a system on which i had previously
installed shadow-passwords and quotas.
Therefore i have chosen (in Makefile) the section for Linux with shadow
passwords and quota - but not using PAM ... 

However compilation was interrupted by :
>  Linking smbd
>  ld: cannot open -lshadow: No such file or directory
>  make: *** [smbd] Error 1
although i had installed shadowlib before ( shadow-GPL.tar.gz from  by John
F. Haugh II)
I do not know much about C programming, linking and so on, so i would be
grateful if you could tell me what i have done wrong or what do i need to
change. (i will appreciate any kind of help!)

thank you in advance

Marcin Owsiany

porridge at

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