SAMBA digest 1565 - Netlogon problems

Bob Franklin R.C.Franklin at
Fri Jan 23 12:31:22 GMT 1998


> I have samba 1.9.17p4 running on Solaris 2.5
> I do not have a NT machine on the net
> What I need to do is beable to login to the NT Domain from W95 
> machines.
> What I get is "No Domain Server was able to validate your 
> password...".
> If I just login and reconnect drives/printers I get a login to login 
> to the server and I mount drives/printers just fine.

There is a known bug which some people (including me) have experienced 
with 1.9.17 (all patchlevels) where the domain logon bit stops working.  

I don't know exactly what the problem was but it's gone away in 1.9.18.

I think it was a bug in nmbd whereby it would lose registering itself as 
the domain controller (certainly, looking at the browse lists with 
smbclient showed this to be the case).

The odd part was that it seemed to be crashed by the clients.  A little 
(occasional use) server we have, a 486DX2/50, worked fine with a 
486DX4/120 client machine.  However, when we powered up a P166, the 
domain logons stopped working (for all clients).

In short, upgrade to 1.9.18p1 and it should go away.  (Well, it did for 
me.  ;-)

  - Bob

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