Oplocks problem on Samba 1.9.18p1

marchino at tin.it marchino at tin.it
Thu Jan 22 21:58:06 GMT 1998

Hello everybody!

We are running Samba 1.9.18p1 on an Intel Server with Linux 2.0.33, 
upgraded from version 1.9.17p4. Clients are all Win95'ed (about 10).

We have seen that Oplocks give a real boost in performace, but at the 
same time we've got a problem using Pegasus, an Internet Mail Agent 
that runs on Win95.

This program is installed in a way that all the mail files are stored 
onto the Samba disk, so everybody may have access to mail from 
every workstation. But when Pegasus opens a file on the server, 
Samba keeps this file opened forever, even when closing the 
application. If the same or another person tries to open then 
the file, Pegasus refuses to do it telling the file is corrupted.
We have found also that the "opened" files are closed only if the 
client that own the file shutdown its workstation, or by "killing" 
the smbd process that holds the file. After that Pegasus starts 
working again with no data loss.

We have solved the problem using the "oplocks veto files" option with 
the file extension of this files, but we cannot guess where 
the problem could come from. Other application like Office97 or even 
old DOS CLIPPER apps seem to work without problems.

Any ideas?

(5)......<CTRL>......what a mess!!

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