network traffic and SAMBA

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Jan 22 20:52:19 GMT 1998

You wrote:
| Does anyone have information on SAMBA traffic and networking issues
| running SAMBA?  I need ammunition (white papers, comments, facts,
| to fire at my networking guys who say SAMBA will more than double the
| network traffic and do bad things?  I am new to this company (they had
| bad luck when they tried to implement SAMBA before) and am trying to
| SAMBA re-established here.  My old shop ran it with great success.
| I have a WinDD server (v3.5 w/15 user license), Chameleon NFS 7.0
| is slow and doesn't work half the time) and the possibility of about
| users on 200 UNIX workstations with homes scattered everywhere.  We
| NIS+ and the new version of SAMBA (1.9.18p1) looks like it should
| the NIS paths for the mounts.  Looks to be great stuff.

	Were they by any chance exporting via samba something which
	they imported via NFS?  This is a classical source of
	performance and bandwidth problems...

	Formally, Samba is directly comparable to NFS 3.0 over
	TCP/IP, with a slightly higher tendency to send small
	packets under light-load conditions, but a willingness to
	shut up and tear down connections if they're not needed
	and a tendency to throttle-down very large transfers.

	I can help more if I can get more info...


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