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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Jan 22 19:19:06 GMT 1998

On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Jim Bramlette wrote:

> Does anyone have information on SAMBA traffic and networking issues with
> running SAMBA?  I need amunition (white papers, comments, facts, etc.)
> to fire at my networking guys who say SAMBA will more than double the
> network traffic

of course it will.  and double your transfer speed, and double the users'

> and do bad things?

only as bad as microsoft's protocol.

>  I am new to this company (they had
> bad luck when they tried to implement SAMBA before) and am trying to get
> SAMBA re-established here.  My old shop ran it with great success.

well, if they want to pay me some $$$ then i'll make sure they get it
right (but you've done it before, yourself.  damn, damn. ;-)  please tell
them anyway!

> I have a WinDD server (v3.5 w/15 user license), Chameleon NFS 7.0 (which
> is slow and doesn't work half the time) and the possiblity of about 200
> users on 200 UNIX workstations with homes scattered everywhere.  We run
> NIS+ and the new version of SAMBA (1.9.18p1) looks like it should follow
> the NIS paths for the mounts.  Looks to be great stuff.


> TIA and many thanks to the SAMBA support team.

nice to be acknowledged.

best regards,


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