network traffic and SAMBA

Jim Bramlette jbramlet at
Thu Jan 22 15:13:25 GMT 1998

Does anyone have information on SAMBA traffic and networking issues with
running SAMBA?  I need amunition (white papers, comments, facts, etc.)
to fire at my networking guys who say SAMBA will more than double the
network traffic and do bad things?  I am new to this company (they had
bad luck when they tried to implement SAMBA before) and am trying to get
SAMBA re-established here.  My old shop ran it with great success.

I have a WinDD server (v3.5 w/15 user license), Chameleon NFS 7.0 (which
is slow and doesn't work half the time) and the possiblity of about 200
users on 200 UNIX workstations with homes scattered everywhere.  We run
NIS+ and the new version of SAMBA (1.9.18p1) looks like it should follow
the NIS paths for the mounts.  Looks to be great stuff.

TIA and many thanks to the SAMBA support team.

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