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Thu Jan 22 07:27:09 GMT 1998

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	Jan Vicherek <honza at> writes:
> Question 3:
>  Is there a way any of the NT / Win95 boxes can see a modem on Linux as a
>"modem" ? I.e. it can call dial-out from it (data modemming), perhaps even
>faxing ? ( and I wouldn't dream of voice capabilities).
IIRR, there's a modem-sharing-howto somewhere in comp.os.linux.answers, which
should give you an idea.
just for faxing, you can try ESEMfax (

> Question 4:
>  I also have a scanner. I can attach it to any machine. Is there a way to
>"share" it ? Can it be attached to the Linux box and share it from there ?
if you can use hpscanpbm, i once wrote a tiny client/server-thingy (nothing
fancy) which i can send you if you want.

>       Thanx,
>            Jan

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