lpd / lpr in raw mode

Jeelani Gulam jeelani at ccube.com
Tue Jan 20 18:30:36 GMT 1998

Hi All

	I have got Samba print and file server up.	For printing purposes I have set up Generic / Text printer from Win95, so what happens is that when ever i print from win95 ie MSWord97 / Notepad / WordPad it print plain text even though I change the font size
or style, but it still prints in plain text with the same character size. I have an HP DestJet connected to my Samba Server. 

	I have heard that printing in raw mode helps to solve this problem. Does it means that lpd / lpr needs to be compiled
for raw mode support,but in the source of lpd/lpr I have found no option that suggests that.

	Thanks in advance


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