Problem with 1.9.18p1 and password server

malcolm melville +44 171 542 8472 malcolm.melville at
Mon Jan 19 15:24:44 GMT 1998

In version 1.9.17.p2, a password server line in smb.conf could contain multiple
server entries and if a username/password combination failed to validate on one
server it would try against the next one until it got a match. Even if the
account existed on the first server that was tried, and the password failed,
then the subsequent server would be tried.

We liked this feature as we have users on multiple domains with trust
relationships across domains and different passwords for those accounts on the
different domains.

In 1.9.18p1 this no longer works - or maybe I have missed something. If an
account is present but fails to authenticate against the first server, then
subsequent servers are not used. This means that we have users who can no
longer see their files.

Is there some way of reinstating the old behaviour (albeit that the security is
lower) than the new way?


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