Different nr of dumped files.

Charles Lawson-Glen charleslg at umed.denel.co.za
Sun Jan 18 07:21:01 GMT 1998


	I have this problem :-)

38 /users/chuck > backup
arg 0 = \my documents
arg 1 = \windows\desktop
arg 2 = \windows\start menu
ERRDOS - ERRbadfile opening remote file \windows\Start Menu\Programs\Remote Desk
top\What_s New about Remote Desktop 32.lnk
tar file \windows\Start Menu\Programs\PC Gamer December 97 Disc 3.9\Uninstall PC
 Gamer December 97 Disc 3.9.lnk name length exceeds NAMSIZ
tar: dumped 236 tar files
Total bytes written: 2920960
39 /users/chuck > r
arg 0 = \my documents
arg 1 = \windows\desktop
arg 2 = \windows\start menu
tar: dumped 60 tar files
Total bytes written: 2826240

I have SunOS 5.5.1.

my backup command is :-)
smbclient '\\chuck\c' -N -Tc tar.out "\my documents" "\windows\desktop" "\windows\start menu"

As you can see.  If I run this command several times I get different nr of dumped files.

I also would like to know how I can change NAMSIZ

I have attatched a copy of my testparm.

Please can you help?

Thank you
Charles Lawson-Glen
(South Africa)

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