basic information about SMB

Ludolf Holzheid Ludolf.Holzheid at
Sun Jan 18 11:25:13 GMT 1998


I installed Samba on a Linux box as the server of my company's LAN 
(20 intel boxes, lanman/wfw/w95) about one year ago. Everything 
works fine, even if I feel I should upgrade to 1.9.18 due to some 
(real) minor problems.

I'm following the mailing list for two months now, but I'm afraid I 
need some basic information about SMB nets. At least Luke's mail to 
CIFS sounded totally greek to me.

O.k., this mail was addressed to SMB cracks, but there is some 
real basic knowledge I do not have and I don't know where to get 
(What's an IPC$ service, for instance).

Is there a general introduction to SMB nets, something like the Linux 
'Network Administrator's Guide' by Olaf Kirch (it starts with "what's 
TCP/IP standing for" and ends up with "how to set up Sendmail".)?


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