Multitudes of arp broadcasts

Bruce Cook BC3-AU at
Fri Jan 16 06:49:45 GMT 1998

Todd Vander Does writes:
 > Our Windows95 appear to be looking for servers or going through the
 > election process all the time.  They broadcast arp whois queries
 > for each of the 8160 possible IP addresses in our subnet range.
 > For the 100 or so that respond, they then try to make a connection
 > and fail on our Unix, X terminal, and VMS boxes.  Then they start
 > again.
 > Does anyone know how to turn off the browsing or specify a permanent
 > set of servers in Windows95?

WOW I didn't know it was that bad.

Try setting up a WINS server.
The WINS server acts a central database to map NetBIOS names into IP

If you don't already do it, try setting a samba server up on your unix
box, in such a manner that it will win browse master elections.  This
has the advantage of being a machine that stays up for longer, and
won't force elections by comming on and off line all the time.

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