NTDOMAIN Logons under 1.9.18p1

Greg Skafte skafte at worldgate.com
Fri Jan 16 04:34:56 GMT 1998

Is it possible to make samba act as the PDC if a machine running NT server
installed as a DC exists on the network.......

after much playing .... Samba keeps winning the local master browser elections 
but then NTWS (NT WorkStation) machinces and the NTS (NT Server) machine decide
that the domain FOO nolonger exists.  

Encrypted passwords are being used.... and working if the NTWS machine is in
Workgroup mode.... but if I try to activate Domain mode ..... it can't find
the PDC if only samba is running...... It can find and log into the domain if
the NTS machine is running and acting as the PDC and has won the local master
browser election .... if NTS lost the browser election then the NTWS gives 
a message can'd log into the domain  using a locally cached profile .... 
I can still browse the network and still access the samba machines but ....

any thoughts ... and the kicker is ... to make an NTS machine not a DC requires 
a reinstall of NT Server .... sigh ..... I luv M$ ..... sigh ....

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