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Banks B J randy at
Thu Jan 15 19:21:32 GMT 1998

All -

We have just upgraded to Samba 1.9.18p1 and it is, as usual, wonderful.

I am (still), however, having a few problems with a few WfW applications
that I hope someone can help me with. In particular:

We set dead time = 10 on all our servers and this, as a rule, causes
no problems - disconnected shares quite happily come back when they
are required by the client.

We have a couple of applications, however, which don't seem to force a
re-connect. They time out when trying to access data on a disconnected
share and then whinge mightily about not being able to find what they
are looking for. The only way to sort things out is to use some other
app (DIR, even) to force a re-connection. This is mildly irritating for
the most part, but is pretty disastorous when the application is
running unattended an keels over part way through because it wants to
find something on a disconnected share.

The only solution I have found so far is to force the connexion to persist
by opening a file (with notepad, if anyone cares) and keeping it open
while the troublesome applications are running. This is both inelegant,
in general, and in the case of one of the apps in question, would require
all shares to be perpetually connected, thus defeating the object of
setting a dead time in the first place.

I've checked out the FAQ, awa as the archives on the Samba WWW pages,
but the only suggestion I could find there was to set status = no or
periodically clean up STATUS..LCK to make sure it doesn't get too big.
'Big', in this context, seemed to mean megabtyes, and the STATUS..LCK
file is only 4K; setting status = no had no effect.

Has anyone got any further suggestions ?

FYI: the shares which are giving me grief are mounted from a Solars 1.4_U1

Many TIA.


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