Missing files

jpff at maths.bath.ac.uk jpff at maths.bath.ac.uk
Thu Jan 15 17:24:59 GMT 1998

I realise that this may be a trivial question, but I am new to samba.
I am running on an SGI R3000 with Irix4.0.5F.  I had now trouble
compiling 1.9.17px but had to "adjust" the sources of 1.9.18 as it had
hard ANSI errors (mainly functions not declared).

The problem I have is that on either of my PC/Windoes95 machines I can
mount files from the SGI, and the explorer opens the disk. However
some (but not all) folders/directories are said by the PC to be
non-existant, although they are there.  I assumed this could be
design, except that I cannot determine the rules as to when it

This is a private network, unconnected to the outside world, and
without passwords except when I have to have them.  The files said to
be missing are obtainable via ftp, but that is a pain.

What configuration thing am I missing?

==ohn ffitch

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