samba 1.18.1 and multiple subnets.

Reggie Beavers - UNIX Sys Admin rbeavers at
Thu Jan 15 14:40:04 GMT 1998

> I have a samba server running on one subnet and would like PC clients on
> another logical IP subnet to be able to use it.
> Both subnets are running over the same physical lan. 
> If I renumber a PC so it appears on the samba machines subnet it can browse
> the samba server fine.
> Any ideas?
> The samba server is running on 130.195.43 and the clients on 130.195.59
> Thanks.
> B.
Hi Bill,

We've been able to achieve browse list across subnets but we use an NT
domain. The local browse master registers itself with the primary 
domain controller as the other local (to a different subnet) browse masters
do, resulting in shared browse lists across subnets via the PDC.

Check out docs/BROWSE.TXT. It's does an excellent job describing the process.


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