Multiple Unix boxes and sharing/trusts

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Jan 15 13:20:54 GMT 1998

You wrote (paraphrased)
| I want everyone on machine D to be able to access the Samba 
| shares on machine L.
| I want the users on machine L to be able to access the
| shares on the Linux box but NOT machine D.

	Ok, users(L) is going to be a subset of users(D)

	This is easiest done with groups: create a group
	of users(L), then  one of users(D). Call them userl
	and userd.
	In the smb.conf for L, put ``valid users = @userl'' 
	in the 	appropriate place, either [global], [homes]
	or the individual shares.

	You will then need to make sure the groups files are
	synchronized between the machines, probably with	
	a simple cron script.  

	There are other ways to do this, too...

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