Not Really a samba question, but any help would be most appreciated

Nigel Spowage Nigel.Spowage at
Thu Jan 15 11:37:23 GMT 1998

I know this isn't a question about samba, but it is a problem with microsoft 
workgroups/domains which people on this list may be able to solve, or at least 
throw a little light on why it happens.

the setup:
  1 x NTRigue box (windows NT sever 3.51)
  1 x NT 4 workstation 
  some win 95 machines
  1 x sun ultra running samba 1.9.18
  none of the machines are using wins	
  all the windows machines (and samba) are in workgroup called GTLEEDS.
the problem:
 every 15 minutes the NTrigue box attempts to resolve the name of the workgroup 
into a machine IP address. according to the debug file from the DNS it receives 
a request to resolve GTLEEDS from the NTrigue box. because we do not have a 
machine called GTLEEDS in our domain, our DNS asks it's master DNS if it knows. 
this query opens a dial up line because our master DNS is on another site. we 
would like to stop this name resolution so our dialup line isn't continually 
opened over and over again.
 i understand that the domain master browser attempts to contact all the master 
browsers to get an up to date list of servers in the domain, is this what is 
happening ? I think the NTrigue box wins the election for domain master, but 
why is it resolving the workgroup name ?
 would creating a wins server solve this in any way ?
 currently our only fudge for this problem is to add a GTLEEDS host name to our 
local DNS so that it resolves the name and therefore dosn't need to call the 
master DNS.
 If there's a solution using samba then that would be ideal.
 thanks in advance for any help
 nigel spowage
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