Not Enough File Handles

Rob See robbysee at
Thu Jan 15 04:44:23 GMT 1998

Fellow Samba Users,

		I am trying to find out how to increase the maximum number of file
handles that a SMB client can access. I am running Samba on Linux. I have 2
Windows 95 machines connected to the Server.  I am using a Clipper database
that needs 120 file handles due to all of the tables and index files. I
copied the database onto a Samba share. When I attempt to access the
program from one of the 95 machines, I get a message from the database
telling me that there are not enough file handles. I ran smbstatus on
Linux, and It was able to open 95 files before I got the message. I have
already increased the number of file handles in the config.sys files on the
Win95 machines. It still gives me the same message. To allow the program to
run on a novell server, I had to put file handles = 120' in my net.cfg
file. Is there something similar for SMB clients?  

	Also, how does record locking work under Samba. Will 2 users be able to
access the same table at the same time?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

-Rob See

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