Browsing along side NT

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Jan 14 21:18:35 GMT 1998

> process_local_master_announce: Server PC1597 at IP is announcing 
> itself as a local master browser for workgroup SFWMD_HQ and we think we are 
> master. Forcing election.

This is your problem with OS level = 65.
Samba nmbd now behaves in exactly the same
way as NT server - if someone else claims
to be browse master it demotes itself and
forces an election. Find out why PC1597 at
IP thinks it is a browse master
(and then kill it :-).

> LOG.NMB (os level = 2)
> -------------------------------
> 01/13/1998 20:58:49 netbios nameserver version 1.9.18 started
> Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1994-1997
> register_name_response: server at IP rejected our name 
> registration of SFWMD_HQ<1d> with error code 6.

This is your problem with OS level 2. Error code 6
(from nameserv.h) = 

#define ACT_ERR   0x6       /* Active error - name owned by another
host. */

Someone else (probably the server at IP :-)
has claimed that name.

Jeremy Allison.
Samba Team.
Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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