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Jeff Klouda jklouda at
Wed Jan 14 17:48:09 GMT 1998

I've downloaded samba-1.9.18p1.tar.gz and installed it on Solaris
2.5.1.  The testparm and smbclient commands run as expected on the Samba
server.  I am able to see the server from our NT and Win95 machines. 
When I try to browse the shared directory I have a problem.  The NT
machines traverse the directory tree with no problems, but the 95
machines can not get past the root shared directory.

Say /tmp is shared then 95 could not go to /tmp/next, but NT will go
into the directory with no problems.  I get a message saying the
directory doesn't exist.

The 95 machines do not log into any domain, but when I was running Samba
1.9.16p9 this was never a problem.  I included the smb.conf file.  By
the way, the printers work fine.

In further tries I found that if I removed "case sensative=yes" line in
smb.conf then the Win95 machines can browse correctly.  I need the case
sensitivity because of backups.  So what is the problem here?

Any suggestions would be geatly appreciated.


  workgroup = DALLAS
  printing = bsd
  printcap name = /usr/samba/lib/myprintcap
  load printers = yes
;  case sensitive = yes
  public = yes
  guest account = nobody
  max log size = 5000
  passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd
;  This next option sets a separate log file for each client. Remove
;  it if you want a combined log file.
  log file = /usr/samba/log/log.%m
  hosts allow =

  comment = All Printers
  browseable = no
  printable = yes
  public = yes
  writable = no
  path = /tmp
  create mask = 0700
  print command = /usr/ucb/lpr -P %p %s;rm -f %s
; A publicly accessible directory, but read only, except for people in
; the staff group
   comment = PC Backup Area
   path = /export/scsi0/2/PC_Backups
   browseable = yes
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   create mask = 0755

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