Hostname lookups fail when hostname is all numeric!

Rick Flower flower at
Wed Jan 14 17:48:35 GMT 1998

Hi all!

I'm using Samba 1.9.17p4 on Solaris 2.5.1 and have been pretty well off so far
(except for printing, but that is another story).  Anyway, I was playing around
with what I'm calling smbwall (was ~/extra/misc/wall.perl) which allows messages
to be sent to all hosts connected to the samba server.  Anyway, I noticed that
my machine was NOT getting these broadcast messages. After a little research,
I found that we've got two machines that have the following hostnames :


Neither of these machines are able to get these broadcast messages.. All the
other machines that I tried have the same style hostnames, but have a "p" on
the front making them in the following format :


Anyway, it appears that samba is messing up the hostname lookup somehow for
hosts that have no alpha characters on the front part of the name.  I suspect
that if I were to change my machine name to have the prefixed "p" that the
problem would go away.  However, that is not an easy option currently.  I've
been poking around in the name lookup sources thinking the problem would be
easy to spot, but I haven't found anything interesting yet.  I've been looking
at the sources to 1.9.18p1 so far, and will be installing it later today. I
don't know if that will fix this problem -- I suspect not.

Any ideas?

-- Rick

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