Multiple Unix boxes and sharing/trusts

Tim Winders twinders at
Wed Jan 14 17:44:03 GMT 1998

I don't know if this is really a Samba question or a more generic Unix
question, so if this is inappropriate, I apoligize in advance...

I have a single Unix box running Digital Unix 4.0b and Samba 1.9.18p1.
Everything is working great.  Samba is running in User authenticate mode.

I would like to setup a new Unix box (most likely RedHat Linux 5) and
install Samba there as well.

Here is the issue...

I want everyone on the DU box to be able to access the Samba shares on the
Linux box.  I want the users on the Linux box to be able to access the
shares on the Linux box but NOT the DU box.

Is this a Samba config issue?  A network security issue?  Or both?  I do
not have Kerberos, NIS, PAM or any other network authentication scheme

Thanks for any/all help!

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