Strange password problems with printing

Sean Murphy Sean.Murphy at Teltec.DCU.IE
Wed Jan 14 15:53:51 GMT 1998


I've noticed some password authentication related problems in the 
upgrade from 1.9.17p4 to 1.9.18 and 1.9.18p1.

We have 2 samba servers running here. The domain is split over 2 
subnets, and the sole purpose of one 'server' is to act as local 
master browser in one subnet. The other server actually offers 
directory and printing services. This runs on a sparc ultra 1. The 
clients are either w95 or nt 4.0. The problem below has only been 
observed on w95.

Everything was working fine here until I upgraded to 1.9.18. When I 
performed this upgrade I had access to my directories as before. 
However, I had problems printing. My win 95 client kept informing me 
that the password was incorrect and when I checked the samba logs it 
kept informing me that it "Can't become connected user!". This 
problem never arose in 1.9.17p4. This problem only arose when I tried 
to print - there were no problems with the shares that were being 
offered as directories. I upgraded to 1.9.18p1, but the problem 

We also have a novell network here, and the usernames on the novell 
network happen to be different from those on the samba/unix network. 
Some of the users had the novell logon as the primary win 95 logon 
(and the username and password was their novell username). When I 
switched this to the Microsoft logon, and their username to their 
samba username, printing worked fine.

Fyi, i made no changes in the smb.conf file when upgrading from 
1.9.17p4 to 1.9.18 and 1.9.18p1. The samba server is run in share 
mode - i.e. security = share.

Of course, you could say why don't you tell all the users to switch 
to a microsoft network logon with their unix password as username. 
Well, that would lead to problems - it would be much simpler for me 
to solve the problem at the server side.

Any ideas?
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