security=user :(

Mick Haigh mhaigh at
Wed Jan 14 02:40:47 GMT 1998

Bruce Cook wrote:

> Mick Haigh writes:
>  > No matter what client I use (including smbclient), the server
> claims
>  > that I'm giving an invalid username/passwd pair.  I don't get this
>  > problem with security=share.  No doubt I've done something silly,
> but I
>  > can't work out what :(
> I notice you're using encrypted passwords.
> Have you read doc/ENCRYPTION.txt?  You need to create the smbpasswd
> password file containing the MD5 password list.

Sure have :)  I've been using encrypted passwords for a while, with
security=share, and it works fine.  Even if I don't have encrypted
passwords on, security=user doesn't work:)

Having a look at logs and strace it seems that the connect string isn't
being passed properly somewhere in the server code.  I'm gradually
working my way through the code and trying to figure out how it all
works, so I'll see what happens.

Does anyone actually have this working??  And if so could you send me
your smb.conf and so on?


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