LaserPrinters and Samba.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!?????

Christopher Arauz Valenzuela chris at
Wed Jan 14 01:40:44 GMT 1998

 We have installed Samba ver 1.9.18 on a UNIX BSDI server ver 2.1, and one 
 WinNT(4.0) server with some win95 machines. One printer Okidata 
 OL600e(Laser) attached to WinNT server and shared to all Win95 machines; 
 and another printer HP DeskJet 520 attached to one Win95 machine. 
 We installed one service in Samba to print in the Okidata printer. From 
 Win 95 machines we can print in this service very well, But if we can try 
 to print from ours BSDI terminals, seems to print but the printer dont 
 work. We try to print to another printer, this time to one Epson(matrix 
 of characters) just for test!!; and this time print normally;
 Question: In UNIX the Laser and Ink printers needs some kind of driver???    
           If so, Where can We found them???? or Who can we Ask for???

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