Jeff Foster jfoste at
Tue Jan 13 17:11:09 GMT 1998

First our environment -  we run HPUX 9.xx & 10.xx,  NT servers,  and Win95 
clients.  We are using 'security = server'.  I have been using samba since
release 15p9.  And I like it.

I have installed release 18 & 18p1 on a test HP machine.  I can not browse the 
test machine running either version.  Using a sniffer I have traced the problem
to the USE_NETWKSTAUSERLOGON code.  I can see the HP station (samba server)
sending the 'Session Setup' command, and the NT server sends a good reply.
Second the HP station sends the 'Connect IPC\\NTserver\IPC$' command.  The NT
machine also responds with a good reply.  Third, the HP station sends a 
'Transacion \PIPE\LANMAN', which I assume is the NetwkstaUserLogon request.  
The NT server returns a ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED to the request.  The Win95 client
displays the password request for '\\HPStation\IPC$'. 

I have disabled the USE_NETWKSTAUSERLOGON and release 18p1 works.  

What gives?  Do I need to change the security value?  Tell me where to look and
what to do, and I will attempt to patch the code.

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