Samba over PPP

Bruce Cook BC3-AU at
Tue Jan 13 02:30:55 GMT 1998

Brian Lalor writes:
 > >From my understanding of the way PPP and Samba work, without special
 > configuration, SMB broadcasts will not be forwarded over a PPP connection.
 > What has to be set up on the Samba server and Samba/Windows clients in
 > order for this to work?  Will a simple LMHOSTS file on the client be
 > sufficient or do I need to direct the Samba server to send packets
 > directly to the remote PPP client?

Assuming you're talking about a dialin client, either LMHOSTS entries
or point the client (and all others) at a WINS server.

The WINS server solution is more usefull, as the remote client is then
able to browse properly.  Remember that when going for WINS, all the machines
have to be set up to use it, and they all need to point to the same
WINS server.

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