[SLUG] Mounting NT drives with Samba.

Charlie Brady cbrady at ind.tansu.com.au
Tue Jan 13 03:31:54 GMT 1998

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Stuart Hume wrote:

> I still can't get Samba to mount an NT shared drive :(
> Previously with kernel 2.0.30, samba 1.9.17p? this all worked fine.
> (not sure of smbfs version).
> I have kernel version 2.0.31, samba 1.9.18p1 (latest release), compiled
> and installed. smbfs version is 2.0.2 (tar file name),
> I have managed to get the services running (ie can browse the Linux 
> shared files (service) from NT),. 
> Everything starts up fine - smbd / nmbd etc, including smbpasswd stuff

Stuart, you might still be a little confused. The fact that you can browse
Linux shared files from NT means that your samba service is working on the
Linux box. It has nothing to do with the connection you are trying to make
in the opposite direction - smbfs to NT.

> however when I use the following line : (500 is anyuser's uid)
> "/usr/sbin/smbmount //bigblue/bigblue_d /bigblueD -U anyuser 
> -P apassword -u 500 -g 500 -c drfeeds" - the drive mounts cleanly,
> the FILE permissions get set correctly, but the DIRECTORY permissions 
> are all set to d---------.   I can't get this to change at all.  I have also 
> noticed that once the drive is mounted, the file owner is set correctly,
> but the group remains set to "root" , I believe that this should also be 
> reset on the mounted drive ?

I can't help you much here, as this is NT stuff I know nothing about. I've
cross-posted my reply to the Samba mailing list - someone there might be
able to help you.

I believe that NT has access control lists. Does "nobody" have directory
read/access permissions on the NT box? Remember that smbfs has to map NT
ACLs to Unix file permissions.

Can "nobody" access the directories and files you want if you use
smbclient on the Linux box?
> smbclient with debug = 3 / 4 doesn't produce any permissioning errors,
> I can browse the service etc, even download (get) files, so I'm not
> sure if this is my config or a bug - I'd like to think it's a flaw
> with MS NT :-))
> Arghhhh...........(and confused) 

Best of luck.

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