Disappearing Samba servers

Dieter Rothacker Didi at Xterminator.STUDFB.UniBw-Muenchen.de
Mon Jan 12 14:35:27 GMT 1998

Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently ran across a problem which I'd seen mentioned earlier. When
> setup with v1.9.17p4, I set both local master and domain master. Only one
> machine was supporting WINS. Within 6 hours, both other servers disappeared
> from the browse lists. Tha smbd seemed healthy, as well as nmbd, because
> both servers responded to a find and, once found, showed their shares in
> the find window. On the theory that they weren't reporting their status to
> the WINS server, I enabled 'wins proxy' support in both of them. This is
> all that I did and they haven't disappeared since. My WinNTws40SP3 machines
> only have the WINS machine, as the WINS server explicitly stated in the
> configuration dialogs.

Hallo, seems that you found a workaround.
> I might suggest that in future versions of Samba, when 'wins server' is set
> then 'wins proxy' be automaticaly set by default. This implies that no
> seperate setting is needed for 'wins proxy'.
> This idea maybe all wet, if so, please inform.

I always lost cross-subnet browsing when other sambas than the domain
master/wins server were configured as "wins proxies".
The wins proxies did only hold local machines in their browse lists.
I always wondered if they should behave in that way ?

But anyway, all "disappearing machine"-problems went away with 1.9.18
(at least until now they have:-)) - and just the speed increase with
real oplocks for Win is worth compiling it.
Dieter Rothacker

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