logon path and reference to homes share (1.9.18)

Bruce Tenison btenison at dibbs.net
Fri Jan 9 01:05:35 GMT 1998

Hi!  I've been searching the docs and the archives for an answer
to this question, but since the answer must be under my nose (I
can't see it)...

On our system, we have the home dir and the user profile dir the same
therefore our current logon path is:
  logon path = \\%N\%U

In the smb.conf man page file, there is the following statement:

Therefore,  it  is  vital  that  the  logon  path does not
       include a reference to the homes share (i.e  \\%N\HOMESro-
       will cause problems).

My question is: is there a possible problem for us in this arrangement
that we haven't had yet (we're just beginning installation of samba as
logon server)

Also, is the i.e. above supposed to read: \\%N\HOMES\profile_path ?
If so, is there a difference between that and \\%N\%U\profile_path?

Thanks in advance!
btenison at rstc.cc.al.us

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