Domain logon problem

Johan Carlstedt johan at Katedral.SE
Thu Jan 8 18:54:12 GMT 1998


Domain logons temporary fail for a few minutes on all smb clients
on the network.


When using WINS support in samba-1.9.17p5 and the client request
a resolv of a host-adress the sys_gethostbyname() system call in nmbd will
block. When resolving a non-existant hostname or communicating
with a slow nameserver the entire nmbd functionality will be unavailable 
causing this problem.


When a user selects a url in a browser like
the file will be accessed using smb and the hostname
will be resolved through WINS.

Known workarounds:

1. Disable WINS  :-)
2. Use another host (for example a Windows NT server) as WINS

Possible bugs:

It is not possible to disable DNS resolutions of Internet hostnames.
The "proxy dns = no" under section [global] in smb.conf does not avoid
this problem.

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Mikael Brandström		Johan Carlstedt
mikael at Katedral.SE		johan at Katedral.SE

The Cathedral School of Uppsala, Sweden

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