Compiler Warnings in 1.9.18

Lee Havemann lee at
Thu Jan 8 14:32:19 GMT 1998

Using bsdi/os 2.1 I get these two warnings.  Not being a C-type person, is there
anything I should know, or can I safely ignore these warnings?

Compiling nmbd_packets.c
nmbd_packets.c: In function initiate_multihomed_name_register_packet:
nmbd_packets.c:303: warning: argument #2: argument passing of pointer from integ
er lacks a cast
Compiling nmbd_subnetdb.c
nmbd_subnetdb.c: In function create_subnets:
nmbd_subnetdb.c:190: warning: argument #1: argument passing of pointer from inte
ger lacks a cast
Compiling nmbd_browsesync.c

-- On a side note - Everybody at the office uses Samba one way or the other.
Our web based services depend on it to pass info to our NT servers for 
processing - which wouldn't be possible without Samba.

I just want to let you all know that your efforts are very much appreciated by me,
and everyone else here.

Thanks again guys!

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