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Richard Furda rfurda at
Thu Jan 8 06:42:34 GMT 1998


This is not a question... 
I would like to say to all those people running older versions of Samba
(older than 1.9.18).
I have been using the p4 and p5 and I strugled with domain logons. Today, I
installed the 
1.9.18 and I have to say that it improved the performance dramatically. NT
domain logons
now are instant (2-3 seconds), compared to NT (4-5 seconds). Second Samba
(drag and drop)
copy outperforms win95 ftp majorly. We are not completely switching from NT
to Samba..

Here is an example:

74mb file (10mbit LAN):

Download (fast)
(from Samba/UNIX => Win95)
Samba:		2mins:8seconds
FTP:		3mins:7seconds

Upload (a bit slower)
(Win95 => Samba/UNIX)
Samba:		3mins:20seconds
FTP:		3mins:16seconds

P.S.:	I would like to thank the Samba team for an excellent peace of
software !!!

Sincerely Yours,
Richard Furda
admin at

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