Netbench running on Samba 1.9.18alpha4

Bill Douglass Bill at
Wed Jan 7 20:31:06 GMT 1998

I have installed the latest alpha of samba (1.9.18alpha4) with the
intent of testing against the Ziff-Davis benchmark NetBench.  The
compile and install went OK, and I can see the server in the browser and
connect to the public share I created (logins work OK).  Running the
tests in DIAGNOSIS.txt produces no errors also. 

I can also install netbench and start up the controller from the binary
that resides on the share.  But when I try to start the cleints up, I
get an error message "Clientx already exists", where x is the number
assigned to that client.  This happens with any client I try to run.

I have run the NetBench program sucessfully from several NT-based
servers, so i don't believe the netbench installation is the problem.
Any ideas, suggestions about where to look, personal experiences with
NetBench & SAMBA would be greatly appreciated.

My smb.conf is as follows:

  security = server
  password server = {NT PDC}
  encrypt passwords = yes
  sockets options = TCP_NODELAY
  wins server = x.x.x.x


  comment = benchmark directory
  path = /sybase_backup/benchmarks
  read only = no
  public = yes

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