MS Office / Bandwidth problem [ only tangentially topical ]

Joshua Heling jrh at
Wed Jan 7 20:31:15 GMT 1998

Hi All --

A client is having a problem using Office 98 to edit files stored on a Samba 
server (1.9.17p2 on intel linux 2.0.30) across a relatively slow frame relay 
link.  Office essentially fails on save operations (sometimes locks up, 
sometimes says "network not responding", sometimes just fails to save) 
involving large files.

So I wonder:

1) has anyone on the list experienced this problem before with Office?  Are 
timeout values configurable, etc?

2) Is there anything I can do with the Samba config to improve the situation.  
I really don't think the problem has anything to do with Samba, but it would 
be nice if the solution could .. ;)



Joshua Heling				             jrh at
SecurePipe Communications, Inc.

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