Samba and InstallShield 5

Andrew Patterson andrew at
Tue Jan 6 20:54:43 GMT 1998


>Sorry, I know this is a rather specific question, but it does seem to

>I just purchased InstallShield 5 Professional and am attempting to use
>it in a development directory that is on a Samba-exported disk. My
>problem is that when I attempt to compile the setup.rul script, it
>fails, telling me:

>   Compiling...
>   (0) : fatal  C8503: Can't open script input file 
>   Done-  1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

>When I put the same project on the shared disk of another WinNT
>the compile completes without incident.

>Turning Samba's debug up to 3, I see that InstallShield is attempting
>open the file "Script Files/.rul", which is of course failing (the
>script file is named setup.rul).

>Has anybody experienced this problem? Any idea how to get around it?

>BTW - one hint to InstallShield users - it erroneously attempts to
>determine if a given drive letter is valid by writing a file to the
>directory of the drive. If the root dir of your share isn't writable
>mine wasn't), you won't even get as far as I have!

I ran into the same exact problem.  I eventually gave up and just stored
everything on a local drive.  Considering how buggy 
IS 5 is, I would tend to blame IS5 rather than samba.

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