Blocking of SMB ports (PR#2834)

Simon Greener simon.greener at
Tue Jan 6 11:18:40 GMT 1998

>Make sure that the UDP background noise doesn't trigger
>a auto-dial (block it) and be aware of the file: traps. If UDP/138 doesn't
>get through then no browse synch will happen on TCP/139 so all will be
>when it is idle. You will get "keep alives" on any actively mounted
>connections of course, but that's all.
>Cheers, Andrew

Ah ! Now I have this problem is spades as I'm using RCS over the Internet
and the Windows software client continually dials the Internet if I breath
on anything with the right mouse button (as the RCS client is tied into the
context menus).

I understand what your para. is telling me but I don't know how to implement
it with Windows NT dial-up networking.  The
ControlPanel/Networking/Protocols/TCPIP/Advanced settings dialog lets me
create a list of 'allowed' UDP ports but it is unreasonable to create an
allow list just for a single port unless you know *exactly* which ports are
important (I don't); better to have a 'disallow' list.  How would you go
about this with dial-up networking.


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