Blocking of SMB ports

Simon Hyde shyde at
Fri Jan 2 19:59:22 GMT 1998

I'm currently in the process of trying to persuading my dialup internet
provider not to block port me from accessing another machine using SMB over
TCP/IP, and was wondering about the answers to a couple of questions to
help me in my battle:

1. Would blocking only incoming on port 139 allow them to block people from
opening up their machines to the world, while still allowing me access to
SMB Servers elsewhere.
2. Do I care about port 137 if I'm not using browsing, simply grabbing
names from a lmhosts & hosts file?
3. Are M$ Clients and Servers and Samba only generating noise on port 137
when nothing is actually being done (nothing on port 139)?

Basically I want to know if they block all traffic on port 137 and incoming
on 139 I will still be able to access remote SMB servers, but no one will
be able access my machine with SMB and there will be no traffic when things
aren't actually happening (for auto-dialling systems).

Hope someone can help,

Simon Hyde

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