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Fri Jan 2 16:07:05 GMT 1998

Simon Hyde wrote at 10:01 GMT on Dec 26:
 > On Thu, 18 Dec 1997 03:14:19 +1100, you wrote:
 > >Thanks for using NetForward!
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 > >
 > >If my samba server is NOT the domain or local master browser even though
 > > I am trying to set it up that way, then which machine on the net is?
 > > How do I find out?
 > >
 > >I'd like my Samba server (currently running 1.9.17p4) to be a Domain
 > > Master Browser for a workgroup (let's call it 'ENGINEER').
 > >
 > >I set it up according to BROWSING.txt, but yet Windows NT/95 PCs on =
 > other
 > > subnets are unable to browse and see computers on this subnet
 > > (even if those PCs are also in the same workgroup).
 > > Hmmm... why not?  What could cause this?
 > >
 > >It appears that the Samba is not acting as the Domain Master Browser
 > > ... at least as far as I can tell... and this is where I need
 > > help in verification of my setup.  Maybe it's just that there
 > > is already a domain or local master browser selected when
 > > I start Samba.  If I give Samba a high 'os level', should it
 > > immediately take over as a master browser or does it wait
 > > until a current master browser gives that up?
 > >
 > > (aka lorax) is the IP address of my samba server.
 > >
 > >Below is the output of nmblookup with debug level of 5.
 > >Notice the [slightly misspelled] warning:
 > >Warning: inconsistant interface
 > >After looking at this code in nmblookup.c/interface.c, I am convinced =
 > this
 > > is because of a minor bug in the code where the network mask is passed
 > > in as
 > >So, I don't think that has anything to do with my problem...
 > > which again is that PCs in the same workgroup on other subnets
 > > don't see PCs on this subnet.
 > >There is no NT domain named the same as the workgroup.  There is an
 > > NT server acting as a WINS server ( as specified
 > > as the 'wins server').
 > >
 > >I've tried raising the os level to 33 also... that did not give =
 > different
 > > results.
 > >
 > >Anyone have any ideas?  Do I need to have the WINS server be the
 > > domain master browser instead of Samba (BROWSING.txt seems to
 > > clearly indicate that Samba can be the Domain Master Browser).
 > >
 > >notice that nbtstat on a Win NT machine does not mention my samba =
 > machine as
 > > a master browser...
 > That's because it has an os level lower than that of the NTAS machine and
 > therefore cannot become local master browser or domain master browser
 > (the first being required before the second can be done)

Actually the NTAS machine is on a different subnet, so it cannot
 be a local master browser in place of any machine on the Samba machine's
 subnet.  The only machines on the latter subnet are Win 95, Win NT
 Workstation and UNIX machines.

The reason I began looking into this problem is that from the 'network
 neighborhood' on a Win 95 or NT machine on the latter subnet, I cannot
 see machines on OTHER subnets in the same workgroup.

For instance, machine A is a Win 95 machine in workgroup X on subnet 1
 (with the Samba server and other UNIX machines and Win 95 and Win NT
 Workstation machines).  From machine A, I cannot browse to see machines
 in workgroup X that are on other subnets.  I can map network
 drives from machines on the other subnet... I just can't see
 them when I browse the network.  I assume I should be able
 to (all the Windows machines use a WINS server on a 3rd subnet).
 Any ideas why this might be?

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