Password Synchronization

Veselin Terzic vterzic at systems.DHL.COM
Fri Jan 2 05:45:03 GMT 1998

>  Also
> the development of the free umich server code (which had its own
> replication mode) seems to have stalled when the programmers were hired
> away by Netscape.

well, maybe for the best :)
- netscape just released LDAP server 3.0  for all platforms.
- this version supports "transaction logs" that provide safe updates... they
claim that
replication mechanism is quite stable now, we'll see ..
- NT version of netscape LDAP comprises  "synchronization service" that
can be installed on a primary domain controller and provide synchronization
between an NT SAM and an LDAP database. This is done through SSL!

vterzic at systems.DHL.COM

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