"services not loaded"

Yannai A. Gonczarowski yannaigo at leyada.jlm.k12.il
Thu Jan 1 17:23:47 GMT 1998

Hi All,
I have installed samba before on a SunOS 4.1.4, and everything worked
Now I upgraded to Solaris 2.6, and to samba 192.17p5.
When I start smbd and nmbd as daemons, I can nmblookup fine, but the
problem is that when I try smbclient, I get the "your server software is
being unfriendly" message.
I ran it again with debug level five, and I saw smbd had no errors, and
nmbd had one error (in the log file):

adding IPC service
services not loaded

this problem also appeared with a basic smb.conf as the one in the man

This is very important, please reply quickly.

Please reply directly to me (yannaigo at leyada.jlm.k12.il), since I am not
subscribed to the list.

Thanks in advance,

Yannai A. Gonczarowski    System Administrator   
yannaigo at leyada.jlm.k12.il
The Hebrew University High School   

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