Printing to PC Printer via Unix Box

David Bullock davidb at
Sat Feb 28 09:01:39 GMT 1998

I have a Solaris samba server at present and a networked PC that is
about to be upgraded to Win95.  At the moment it uses pc-nfs pro to
allow the locally attached printer to become a networked printer.  This
means the user can sit at the PC, login to a unix box and print files to
the printer attached to the PC.  Can I do this using Samba/Win95 somehow 

Yes, I it can be done.  I do exactly this but with the old SunOS op sys.
Samba shares the Unix printer, your PC prints to that.

Your PC shares it's printer, and you use smbclient to print to your
shared PC printer.  There's a printing.txt file (or similar) which comes
with Samba to help you do this.

The trick is to add the smbclient call into the spooler interface
script for the Unix printer.

David Bullock
Loftus Computing Services
Adelaide, South Australia

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