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Capriotti capriotti at
Sat Feb 28 03:38:17 GMT 1998

And here is the Gotcha !

disable the NetBEUI from your clients.

But, what if you need to exchange files between two machines w/o going
thruogh the server ?

Anyway, I think this is another one to be posted at samba-bugs; A LOT of
oppl already have their Win95/NT running with NetBEUI. 

At 03:07 PM 2/27/98 +0100, Stefaan A Eeckels wrote:
>> Here is the case:
>> whenever I have a Samba drive mapped on my system, any
>> open/Mycomputer open/write  or even the maping operation takes from
>> 2 to 10 minutes to start or show any result.
>> After started, the operation flows normaly - it seems - but if I open
>> a window/save as windows/open window everything happens again.
>> Another loooooooooong time to open the resource.
>> Please, this is quite anoying. 
>I can imagine. It's not normal behaviour though - are you sure 
>that your name service is running properly?
>Check whether 
>        1. All local machines are known on the net, either
>        through DNS, /etc/hosts, NIS or NIS+
>        2. Your Samba server isn't set up to be a dns proxy:
>                dns proxy = no (in [global])
>        (the default is 'yes')
>        3. Your PC isn't trying to use NetBEUI to resolve
>        the server's name. Unless you *need* NetBEUI (but
>        I can't see why that would be ;-), just get rid of
>        it (remove it through ControlPanel->Network).
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