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> Subject: Password validation.
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> Greetings:
> I have been running SAMBA 1.9.16p1 under HP-UX 9.04 quite well for some
> time. I have in the smb.conf security = server encrypt passwords = yes
> workgroup = XX1

I suppose something like "password server = PDC1" too ...
Where PDC1 is NetBIOS name of primary domain controller.

> where XX1 is the name of our NT domain.
> Everything works as it should, passwords are being validated by our NT
> servers.
> The scenario which has just happened: Users at other sites in my company
> now need access to my samba systems. These users are members of other NT
> Domains and are unknown by XX1. There is a trust relationship between the
> local NT Domain and the foreign NT Domain. I don't know much about NT
> Domains, but hopefully it is clear what I am trying to do.
> Is there another solution to this problem beside maintaining a smbpasswd
> file myself on the UNIX server?

Yes, there is - "netbios aliases =".
For example let's have two NT domains - DOM1 and DOM2. There are domain 
controlers PDC1 and BDC1 in DOM1 and PDC2 and BDC2 in DOM2. UNIX name is 
Try this in smb.conf:
include = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf.%L
netbios name = XXX
netbios aliases = YYY (xxx is in lowercase):
security = server
password server = PDC1 BDC1

smb.conf.yyy (yyy is in lowercase):
security = server
password server = PDC2 BDC2

And restart SAMBA.
And now there are on network two servers (XXX and YYY), but physically it 
is only one server.
If a user connect to share on XXX (like \\XXX\Share) then his password is 
validated by PDC1 or BDC1.
If a user connect to share on YYY (like \\YYY\Share) then his password is
validated by PDC2 or BDC2.
It works for me ...
Sorry for my English, I hope you understand me ...

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