Help : Win95 securuty hole (one more)

Rob Naccarato rob.naccarato at
Fri Feb 27 13:54:22 GMT 1998

> Rob Naccarato <rob.naccarato at> wrote :
> > Actually, can't it be done via the policies?  In poledit.exe, I think
> > the entry is in Computer->Network->Logon (or something like that).
> > In there is a selection for "Require validation by NT server before
> > access to Win95".
> yep that's what i have done. 
> But here the problem is that authentication prevents you to run
> applications without some server told that you have the right, but so
> genious Microsoft programmers have decided to permit to run a task manager
> even if you have not logged on and that task manager permits to run any
> application that is installed locally. For example explorer that give you
> e session on the machine.
> Very clever, no?

Well, you could delete the taskman.exe file from the local hard drive.
That's what we did here.


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