Samba Server Memory Requirements

Ludolf Holzheid Ludolf.Holzheid at
Fri Feb 27 04:21:38 GMT 1998

on Tue, 24 Feb 1998 08:05:05 -0600  Gerald W. Carter wrote:

> There is one smbd process per user connected ( not per share ).  Total
> size is ~2Mb total including swap ( ~1Mb working set ).

That much?

I use samba on a Linux box (486-100, 20MB RAM, serving up to 20 
DOS/Win311/Win95 boxes). I've measured the memory consumption of 
Samba running 'netstat | grep -c netbios-ssn' and 'free' once per 
minute as a cron job.

On my box, Samba only needs 350..400K per smbd.

There are tree explanations for the difference:
 1. Linux makes smaller programs than Sparc stations.
    (I don't belive it, not 1:4).
 2. The new Samba needs much more memory than my 1.9.16.
    (This would stop my plans to upgrade!).
 3. Jerry is very conservative in estimating

I hope it's number three...


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