Password validation.

James Richardson James.Richardson at
Thu Feb 26 14:00:27 GMT 1998


I have been running SAMBA 1.9.16p1 under HP-UX 9.04 quite well for some 
time. I have in the smb.conf
security = server
encrypt passwords = yes
workgroup = XX1

where XX1 is the name of our NT domain.
Everything works as it should, passwords are being validated by our NT 

The scenario which has just happened: Users at other sites in my company 
now need access to my samba systems. These users are members of other NT 
Domains and are unknown by XX1. There is a trust relationship between the 
local NT Domain and the foreign NT Domain. I don't know much about NT 
Domains, but hopefully it is clear what I am trying to do.

Is there another solution to this problem beside maintaining a smbpasswd 
file myself on the UNIX server?


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